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For years... I've argued against the label of mysognist (gonna miss spell that word a lot!) simply because I play video games, or because I'm straight, or whatever. But after these last few months, after TONIGHT I gladly embrace that term.

I am one.. fuck all of of you I'm done with this, being seen as some diseased monster simply because I'm not 6'2 and 100% muscle and make 300,000 a month. You cry and whine that men "are so shallow" when it's the literal opposite.

Japan has the right idea..
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I watched as she smiled.. talking to him, I knew.. I could see it.

Everything is a lie.. tonight is nothing but pain, inside and out.
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So just a quick entry where I'm going to sort of promote myself I guess? 

Me and a couple of friends that I've known for years and have been gaming with for years have started a podcast. We're still a little bit rough around the edges, Episode 1 is out and we just recorded Episode 2 today. We talk about video games mostly (of course) but also share funny stories and just have a couple laughs. If it's something you think you might be into, check it out, or if you have a friend show it to them? We could use a bit more exposure.

We are uploading them on to youtube currently at....


To be honest I know it's just recording a "internet radio show" and I'm not getting any dollary doos from it, but it does feel good to just be doing something if that makes any sense.

Anyway, that is that, until next time.

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Want to add me as a friend or got a game suggestion? Comment below with any introduction or any questions you might have.
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