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At the end of the dream... even chaos tears itself apart.

BLack Mage

I'm Josh, a gamer, somewhat believer in the paranormal, Final Fantasy fanboy, etc. I've been gaming since I was seven years old when I received my first Nintendo Entertainment System on my birthday. Gaming has been my number one hobby and well how I spend most of my free time. Besides that I like the typical stuff I guess: Comics, Star Wars, Anime/Manga, and all that.

Current Game Backlog

Got any suggestions? Shoot me a message or leave a comment on my Friends Only post.

Want to game? To be honest I generally prefer to play alone, but if you'd still like to add me you can find me on PSN, XBL, and STEAM. I hope to have a Wii U or 3DS soon.

PSN: Chaos1950

XBL: Chaos1950


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